The Future of Content Creation: How I Used AI to 10X My Output Overnight
The Future of Content Creation: How I Used AI to 10X My Output Overnight

The Future of Content Creation: How I Used AI to 10X My Output Overnight


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The Future of Content Creation: How I Used AI to 10X My Output Overnight

Hey friend!

Do you ever feel like you're on a hamster wheel trying to keep up with creating content?

Me too.

Lately it’s been tough to stay consistent with content when I have client work pouring in.

I was stuck in an stagnant cycle of content creation that left me exhausted.

I simply didn't have enough hours in the day to ideate, research, write, edit, and publish all the content I needed to attract my ideal audience.

It was incredibly frustrating and really limiting my business growth.

So I decided to build a better way.

By tapping into automation and AI tools, I've been able to completely transform my content creation workflow.

I now create 10x more content in a fraction of the time.

Let me show you my step-by-step process:

Step 1 - Build a streamlined content workflow in Notion

Notion is the foundation of my content creation process. I have a single database set up to easily plan and organize topics, write, edit and schedule all in one place.

This gives me a bird's-eye view of my entire content pipeline in one glance.

Having a centralized content hub in Notion minimizes context switching and makes automation smoother. I can move through my workflow without jumping between a million pages.

Step 2 - Connect everything with Zapier

This is where the magic happens! I use Zapier to connect my Notion content workflow to other programs.

For example, I have a Zap that creates new tweet drafts in Typefully directly from my Notion content database. This allows me to batch all of my editing and scheduling into ONE session in Typefully (and avoid the dreaded copy/paste fatigue I used to slog through).

These automations eliminate tons of manual work for me.

Step 3 - Generate drafts with AI

Claude allows me to automate initial content drafting (and it does a lot of the writing as well).

I provide detailed instructions on my brand voice, ideal reader, and goals for each piece. Claude returns drafts that still need polishing but give me a huge head start.

I went from spending hours ideating, drafting, and researching to spending <10 minutes. Game changer!

Step 4 - Streamline Prompting with TextBlaze

TextBlaze saves me time on repetitive tasks like formatting and writing prompts by letting me set up shortcuts (which they call snippets).

For example, I can write a bunch of mega-long prompts that allow me to “Prime” Claude to write my content how I want it written each month.

In <30 seconds, Claude knows who I am, what I want it to write, how I want it to write, and what to write about.

I simply provide it with a brainstorm (which is just me writing off the top of my head, stream-of-consiousness style) and telling it to come up with content ideas for the whole MONTH.

And bam!

A beautifully drafted and formatted content calendar for the month appears.

My workflow goes like this:

  • Prime the Claude conversation
  • Brainstorm for the month
  • Feed brainstorm to Claude
  • Claude drafts all the newsletter ideas
  • I take the drafts and refine each one
  • Claude multiplies each newsletter into thread ideas
  • I refine and edit every thread idea
  • Claude multiplies each thread into multiple posts
  • I refine and edit all of the posts

Sounds like a long process, but realistically I could finish this entire process in <2 hours if I tried. (And next week I will be timing the process, so stay tuned on that!)

Step 5 - Curate and schedule with Typefully

Once my content is refined and ready to publish, I use Typefully to schedule social media posts across platforms. But the best part is the Zapier zap that I use which allows me to create Typefully drafts from within Notion.

I simply paste the finalized draft into a text property at the top of the Notion page.

Then I click a checkbox property to trigger the zap.

Zapier creates a Typefully draft and populates the “Typefully Link” property on the Notion database page.

I click that link and it takes me directly to the Typefully draft for that post.

Is it worth it?

This might sound like a lot of work (I promise it’s not, it just took me a while to figure out how to set it up well).

But it has changed the game for me.

I was struggling SO much to stay consistent with content because I was taking on more and more clients (yay!).

So many solopreneurs struggle with this.

Maintaining consistency in areas of your business that are focused on long-term growth isn’t easy when you have to focus on fulfilling short-term (money producing) obligations.

Which is why this streamlined process has been an absolute game-changer!

I now create 10x more content in a fraction of the time.

The future of content creation is here. If you feel stuck on the content hamster wheel, use these tactics and I promise it’s going to be much easier to stay consistent!

Spotlight 🔍

This week I’m spotlighting TextBlaze, the ultimate shortcut tool for prompts and emails. If you use AI often (as you should) for your business, this is going to level you up overnight.

I store all of my prompts in TextBlaze now and it’s never been easier to use AI to shortcut every process in my business.

Check them out here.*

*this is my affiliate link, so I receive a small commission if you decide to get a paid plan at no additional cost to you.

That’s all for now, my fellow Notion Nerd…

See you next week!


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